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Press Release
HKIM teams up with industry associations
2007 Nov 26
Hong Kong Institute of Marketing (HKIM) joins force with various institutions and associations to call for a territory-wide campaign "The Hong Kong Best Practice eMail Marketing Campaign" to promote increased e-marketing adoption and at the same time, further raise the email marketing standard in Hong Kong. The Campaign encompasses a series of promotional workshops, seminars, newsletters organised in association with supporting organizations to preach the best e-marketing practice among SMEs.
The Campaign is kicked off with the unveiling of a free public online tool, "eM Assistant", sponsored by Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited. The tool is designed for company of any size to establish a valid and cleaned database with ease while complying with the “unsubscribe facility” requirement under the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (UEM) Ordinance which is scheduled for full implementation on 22 December 2007.
“We are very glad to have WeB's unanimous support for our initiative through the sponsorship of a free email marketing web tool. It is believed that the tool plays a pivotal role in preaching e-marketing adoption and establishing the best email marketing practice," said KM Yim, Chairperson of HKIM. "We hope that the Campaign would encourage corporate involvement in public education and hence stimulating increased usage of Internet and information technology to enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness."
The Campaign has received strong support from the regulator and the industry including the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) and various associations namely The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA), Friends of the Earth (HK), Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), The Hong Kong Retail Management Association (HKRMA), The Hong Kong Chamber of Small and Medium Business Ltd (HKCSMB), Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association (HKSMEA), HK SME Development Association (HSDA), The Hong Kong Small & Medium Enterprises General Association (SMEGA) and The School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
“Echoing the initiative on environmental conservation, Friends of the Earth (HK) takes an active role in the Campaign by contributing the winning works of their “Green Christmas 2007 environmental e-Card design competition” which will be announced on 30 November 2007. Moreover, Mr. Ha Yung-kuen, Deputy Director-General of Telecommunications of OFTA also attends our Campaign kick-off. Their support has been our driving force for the development of the e-marketing roadmap.” Yim added.
“WeB has been a key player in e-marketing. The development of “eM Assistant” has stimulated us to think “environmentally” – how technology can connect customers while saving the world's limited resources,” William Kwan, Director and General Manager of WeB said. “Designed to help marketers on list cleansing and try out the unsubscribe function, the Tool also helps to promote environmental conservation through the provision of free e-greeting cards with no compromise in quality. For the marketers, they can also create a “clean” opt-out list with less risk when riding on the Season's Greetings.”
The key features of “eM Assistant” include:
-e-Greeting App provides 50 plus tastefully designed e-greeting cards templates for maintaining business connections
-Unsubscribe Manager automates the “opt-out” function in compliance with the UEM Ordinance
-Bounce Manager helps users maintain a valid database by keeping track of undeliverable email addresses
“We seek to foster an organisational culture of creative thinking in relation to the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a tool to help enable businesses. With the approaching of the festive seasons, the tool comes just in time to help companies comply with the unsubscribe requirement of the Ordinance while nurturing customer relationship through the “e” way,” William added. “Leveraging the alliance with various associations, the Campaign is expected to reach around 80,000 companies in Hong Kong. We hope that e-marketing usage can be largely increased among SMEs.”
The Hong Kong Best Practice Email Marketing Campaign commenced today is expected to make a lasting contribution to the community at large. Companies are encouraged to log on to www.hkim.org.hk/eclean or www.wharftteb.com/eclean for more information on the programmes details.
About the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (UEM) Ordinance
The UEM Ordinance passed in May 2007 aims to introduce a statutory framework for regulating the sending of commercial electronic messages and strike a balance between respecting the rights of recipients and allowing the development of legitimate electronic marketing in Hong Kong. The Ordinance comes into force in two phases. Phase I started on 1 June 2007 prohibiting the use of unscrupulous techniques to reach out to more recipients as well as fraud and other illicit activities related to the sending of multiple commercial electronic messages. Phase II of the Ordinance regarding the rules for sending commercial electronic messages is scheduled for commencement on 22 December 2007. OFTA and the Hong Kong Police are responsible for enforcing the Ordinance.
About HKIM
Hong Kong Institute of Marketing was founded in 1982 as the non-profit, independent, marketing professional body in and for Hong Kong. Mr. Donald Tsang Yam Kuen, the Chief Executive of HKSAR government, is our Honourable Patron. HKIM and 16 other national professional marketing organizations in the Asia Pacific region founded Asia Marketing Federation (formerly known as Asia Pacific Marketing Federation) in 1992, aimed at strengthening the relationship between the marketing professional organizations in Asia and to provide a platform for members of these organizations to exchange ideas and broadening their views at the international level.
HKIM strives to provide the best services and benefit for our members and organize quality activities such as seminars, dinner talks, workshops, trainings, courses and visits to obtain the latest marketing news, trends, and knowledge, enhancing their marketing professionalism for this ever-changing market.