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WeB Unveils WeB-Bundling Service
2009 Jul 15
Hong Kong, 15 July 2009 – Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (“WeB”), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, announced today the launch of WeB-Bundling ServiceDescription: http://www.wharftt.com/wtt2/pages/flib/WeB_bunding_logo.gif, a web-based platform for SMEs to identify suitable partners for product bundling to enhance market exposures, increase product value propositions and generate sales leads through creative e-marketing promotion programmes.
In this highly competitive era, SMEs have to be flexible, innovative, adaptive and act fast to meet market demands. Creative email marketing bundling promotion campaigns would enhance products value and speed to market, hence helping SMEs increase their market competitiveness.
WeB-Bundling Service is a newly enhanced feature of WeB-eM, an award-winning DIY e-mail marketing tool. Bundling is a proven approach in marketing. Through product bundling and joint promotion, marketers can reach new customer base and enhance value propositions to customer. While bundling is common for larger enterprises, SMEs often lack the brand name and resources to locate and attract appropriate partners. WeB-Bundling Service makes it easy for them by providing a collaborative communications channel to conveniently search suitable partners and pre-defining bundling rules and terms for joint marketing. WeB-eM customers can now design and launch joint product bundles and campaign in a matter of days.
“We have seen companies increasingly adopting e-mail as a cost effective vehicle to promote their products and services. In the last 6 months, our customers have collectively tripled their email campaigns. The beauty of WeB-Bundling Service is that SMEs can create differentiation, generate greater value and enhance products’ offering mix, allowing companies to reach more customers by leveraging the partner’s customer base,” said William Kwan, Director and General Manager of Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited. “Product bundling is gaining importance nowadays as customers are increasingly looking for new value from marketers. I believe that the WeB-Bundling Service platform make it easy for SMEs to share the best practice of package selling and realize the synergetic benefits with their promotion partners.”
WeB-Bundling Service offers two types of bundling activities, “Product of the Month” and “Joint Promotion” service. “Product of the Month” is a “ready-to-go” bundling option for WeB-eM members to partner with a WeB’s pre-determined companies for bundling campaign at a fixed period of time. Dell has been identified as the first featured company of the “Product of the Month” which Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Notebook has been selected as the bundling target in June and July 2009.
“WeB-Bundling Service extends our reach to different customer segments,” said Thomas Leung, Consumer Sales Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan, Consumer Group, Greater China, Dell Hong Kong Limited. “In the past, we could only afford to collaborate with larger size companies. WeB-Bundling Service brings us to the SME sectors and allows us to tap on the richness and creativity of bundling with different products and services.”
“Joint Promotion” offers a “match-making” option for WeB-eM customers to identify their preferred partner and tailor made a new bundled offer, hence creating a new marketing weapon via WeB-Bundling Service. All participating companies will have the flexibility to handle product selection, pricing, logistics, and negotiation themselves, while WeB will act as a moderator to facilitate the arrangement. Beijing Club and Hong Kong Motor Auction Limited are the Joint Promotion bundling partners successfully lined up in June 2009.
“I was introduced to Hong Kong Motor Auction Limited through WeB-Bundling Service. I can now make our service known to more people within our target segment by finding partners who are also targeting similar segment,” said Rocky Wong, Managing Director of Beijing Club. “It significantly saves our market promotion efforts.”
“WeB-Bundling Service offers me a service that I could not refuse.” Echoed John Chiu, Project Manager of the Hong Kong Motor Auction Limited.
“WeB-Bundling Service serves as an effective addition to e-marketing approach where current and new WeB-eM customers can leverage other companies’ products to create a unique e-marketing campaign. It allows companies to devise new market strategies to enhance products’ attractiveness and create synergistic effect through cross promotion opportunity,” continued William. “WeB believes that the adoption of e-marketing technology is vital for SMEs to compete particularly in this turbulent time. The proper use of email marketing will bring immediate benefits to SMEs where they are able to respond to fast changing market needs, increase their market exposure and stimulate sales.”