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WeB Launches WeB-eM Social to Help Enterprises Tap into Social Media Segment
2011 Apr 15
Hong Kong – 15 April 2011 – Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited ("WeB"), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T, today announced that its flagship email marketing service, WeB-eM, has been granted the Best Business (Product) Silver Award and the Best Green ICT (Innovation) Award – Certificate of Merit at the Hong Kong ICT Awards (HKICT) 2011 for its outstanding achievement and long-term commitment to leading innovative, user-friendly, cost-effective as well as environmentally sustainable ICT solutions for Hong Kong business market.
Beating the drum for WeB's dual accolades at the HKICT Awards 2011, WeB unveils WeB-eM Social service Description: http://www.wharftt.com/wtt2/pages/flib/web-em%20social.gif, a newly developed eMail marketing service designed for Hong Kong enterprises.  Many research indicated the increasing adoption of social media in their business promotion.  While many companies still find it difficult to deploy social media easily in their daily marketing campaign, Description: http://www.wharftt.com/wtt2/pages/flib/web-em%20social.gif makes it simple and easy to marketing managers with a jump start.
WeB's flagship email marketing service, WeB-eM, was first awarded the Best Business (Product) Certificate of Merit in 2007 HKICT Awards five months after launch.  Since then, WeB-eM continues to thrive and evolve with innovated features developed in response to users' and market needs. All these efforts have made WeB earn itself the dual recognition at the HKICT Awards 2011 - the Best Business (Product) Silver Award and the Best Green ICT (Innovation) Award – Certificate of Merit.
Comments from the Judging Panel of the HKICT Awards 2011 are very encouraging. "Within only four years, the product has been expanding to cover new business horizons and achieving a growing business results and market share in Hong Kong. With good efforts in market development and R&D, the company has developed a right product to meet the challenges induced by the emerging social media platforms. The new development provides the company with an advantage in competing with other competitors in the market". "A campaign management system to streamline the marketing process and reduce paper/letter delivery. It also provides a platform for their corporate partners to deliver e-mails to customers. The system helps to save paper, postage, transportation and energy." Comments received from the Judging Panels of the Best Business (Product) and the Best Green ICT (Innovation) respectively.
"WeB prides itself on leading the industry in technology and innovation through the attainment of dual accolades in the HKICT Awards 2011. WeB-eM's email platform delivery volume is growing with CAGR of over 100% since 2008. In 2010, we helped over 1,000 corporate users in Hong Kong to deliver over 10,000 eDM campaigns, resulting in an estimated savings of HK$180M in operation management which includes printing, paper, postage and handling costs. This translates into an environmental savings of over 9,000 trees and the avoidance of over 2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. WeB-eM has now become a prevailing product for creative email marketing execution and sustainable green ICT development," said Mr. William Kwan, Director and General Manager of Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited.
To signify the dual accolades achieved in the HKICT Awards, WeB launches WeB-eM Social eMail Marketing service. Building upon WeB-eM’s sophisticated web-based platform, WeB-eM Social is an online DIY tool to integrate email marketing campaigns with social media channel. Through a few simple steps, WeB-eM Social can help marketers in the following ways:
1. Integrate "Like" and "Share" buttons onto their eDM content
2. Synchronise outbound eDM campaign and publish to companies' Facebook fans page and corporate websites
This can be done easily by pressing a few buttons. This is timely as many industry research now indicate the increasing need of creating viral effect to their marketing campaigns. A US technology magazine, Trend Letter May 2010 issue, highlighted that:
1. Two-thirds of marketers plan to invest in social media marketing over next year
2. 4 in 10 will shift money budgeted for other direct marketing to social media tactics
3. Nearly 7 in 10 markets plan to integrate social media with e-mail marketing campaigns
Key new features of WeB-eM Social include:
Adaptive Interface Manager – The platform makes use of administrator to control the interface of various channels, namely email marketing campaign, website publishing as well as Facebook marketing under one roof, reducing the hassle of managing different interfaces when launching multiple promotion campaigns.
WeB-eM Content Editor – Users can easily adapt the contents of a promotion campaign such as eNews, eCoupons and eRegistration forms for Facebook or website publishing.
Publisher Scheduler – It facilitates content sharing of Facebook "tabs" or "sub-pages" among teammates when implementing multiple email marketing campaigns.
Workflow Approval Manager – A well-defined approval process is established to ensure contents published on website and Facebook pages have been duly approved and authorised.
Integrated Campaign Report Manager – The system can generate an integrated real-time report of recipients' activities such as click rate and reply rate for eDM, website and Facebook page for users to evaluate the campaign effectiveness.
"Companies of all sizes are embracing digital media to perform customer engagement, notch up strong sales and publicise their brand, products and services for long-term customer relationship management. WeB-eM Social is the first of its kind service to integrate social media into email campaign. It will be their ideal companion to conduct effective email marketing campaign, website and e-newsletter publishing as well as social media marketing. We believe that SMEs in Hong Kong will benefit from this user-friendly WeB-eM and WeB-eM Social for increased ICT adoption and creative marketing management," added Mr. Kwan.