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Qpon818.com Pioneers WeB-CS Post Office Collect Service or Group-buying Customers Powered by Hongkon
2011 Aug 2
Hong Kong – 2 August 2011 – Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), an IT services subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, today announced the launch of "WeB-CS" Post Office Collect Service for its Qpon818.com, the first-of-its-kind post office counter collection developed for Hong Kong online group-buying industry.
Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life. With 84% household broadband penetration and over 2 million broadband users1, Hong Kong prides itself as one of the highest Internet adoption cities in the World. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) revealed that the Internet contributed about HK$100 billion to Hong Kong's economy in 2009, representing 5.9% of Hong Kong's GDP2. Such proportion is indeed on par with, if not better than, many advanced European economies. Given the well-developed Internet infrastructure and adoption rate in Hong Kong, it is surprised to see Hong Kong being lagged behind in eCommerce adoption when compares to the other markets. We believe a good eCommerce friendly logistic service will be one of the key enabling factors. Removing such barrier, there is ample room for the growth of web-based eCommerce such as group-buying business. As projected by BCG in the report "The Connected Harbour - How the Internet Is Transforming Hong Kong’s Economy", Hong Kong's Internet economy will increase by 7.2% annually, which would likely be faster than the overall growth of Hong Kong economy3.
Web-based group-buying is a new mechanism for selling through social interaction where customers gather online to purchase products or services at significantly reduced prices to take advantage of group discount within the pre-set timeframe and group size. Buyers have to print off a voucher to redeem their discount at the seller's office. It is believed that the success of a group-buying site often hinges on a well-planned, user-friendly and efficiently arranged logistic support. Unlike other group-buying websites in Hong Kong which are more service focused where the need for coordinated delivery is minimal, Qpon818.com offers a wide portfolio of products and services to facilitate more interactions and transactions between buyers and sellers. Setting the role model for the best logistic management, WeB utilises the Hongkong Post Logistics service to launch its WeB-CS (Post office Collect Service) in Hong Kong.
The new WeB-CS makes use of Hongkong Post Logistics service to provide Qpon818.com group-buying customers with counter collection service for their purchased products at the six designated post offices, namely General Post Office, Hing Fat Street Post Office, Tsim Sha Tsui Post Office, Kwun Tong Post Office, Tsuen Wan Post Office and Sha Tin Central Post Office. All selected post offices are located in prime locations where both merchants and customers are able to access them easily for product stocking and collection. To celebrate the launch of the WeB-CS, Qpon818.com partners with renowned merchants including Super Star Group, LOTUS Eco-Household and Smartech International Marketing Limited to launch daily discounted sale of their best-selling products namely, Super Star mooncakes, Dr. CLEAN Eco-Sponge and Smartech "Ion Baby" Mini UV Air Purifier starting from 3 August 2011 onwards.
"The essence of group-buying is to maximise the viral effect of social media networks through word-of-mouth promotion such that participating merchants can pull in new customers and expand their customers base while buyers can get what they want at a lower price. Since its launch in August 2010, WeB's Qpon818.com has been expanding at an accelerated rate with over 50,000 fans on Facebook and hundreds of participating merchants. More than 50% of the items sold through Qpon818.com are tangible products which well-coordinated logistic support is essential for successful customer relationship management. The launch of WeB-CS not only provides convenient delivery support for customers, but also alleviates burden of logistic arrangement on merchants," said William Kwan, Director and General Manager of WeB. "With the launch of WeB-CS, WeB has a full range of eMarketing and eCommerce for our customers. They include our Award winning WeB-eM Social eMail Marketing Service, WeB-Demand Generation Service, Facebook marketing services and Qpon818.com group-buying services."
"This year commemorates the 170th anniversary of postal service in Hong Kong. Hongkong Post has been enjoying a proud heritage and a long history of serving the community of Hong Kong to provide accessible, reliable and value-for-money postal services. With our value to excel through development and our mission of proactively responding to changing market requirement, Hongkong Post shares the same vision with WeB to facilitate eCommerce transactions through systematic logistics management with a reliable and cost-effective logistics solution. In the past few years, Hongkong Post has been providing a range of international delivery solutions to facilitate end-to-end distribution of purchased goods over the Internet to overseas destinations. This present local logistics solution for group buying websites further enhances our service offers in eCommerce solution with our extensive retail network and our long history of serving the community. We believe that our safe and secure counter collection service in the logistics solution for group buying website will help to provide customers and the general public a convenient logistic service with a high level of privacy and security," said Estella Chow, Director (Product Development, Marketing and Sales) of Hongkong Post.
"WeB-CS offers a higher degree of security and privacy to customers, where they can collect the items according to their schedule at their convenience. Participating merchants can entrust logistic support to Qpon818.com and Hongkong Post Logistics service so that they can focus on their core business. We are proud to launch WeB-CS as a driver for eCommerce development in Hong Kong. I believe both customers and participating merchants will be able to benefit from the enhanced Qpon818.com support and service," added William Kwan of WeB.
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