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First Game-based e-Marketing Website by Wharf T&T eBusiness
2007 May 31
Wharf T&T eBusiness Limited (WeB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Wharf T&T Limited, today announced the grand launch of its e-Marketing learning website, http://www.wharftteb.com and debuted its flagship educational online tool, the e-Marketing Game Board, with an aim to foster e-Marketing adoption for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong.
Established in January 2007, WeB specialises in the provision of broadband enabling applications and web-based application services developed by experienced marketing practitioners and IT specialists targeting at the SME market segment.
Today, more than 98% of Hong Kong's enterprises are SMEs and they employ more than 1.5 million people representing over 50% of Hong Kong's workforce in the private sector. SMEs' adoption of Internet has been classified as a key task outlined in the HKSAR government's Digital 21 Strategy.
"To remain globally competitive, it is vital for SMEs to adopt e-Marketing properly. However, we still see SMEs encounter difficulties in mastering the e-Marketing knowledge particularly when the government fully implements the unsolicited electronic messages legislation. The launch of the first-of-its-kind public game-based e-Marketing website http://www.wharftteb.com to share with SMEs the best practice e-Marketing shows our strong determination in promoting e-Marketing. We strongly believe that embracing e-Marketing does not only create business opportunities for WeB and SMEs, but can also enhance Hong Kong's global competitiveness," said William Kwan, Director and General Manager of WeB.
WeB is glad to receive great support from well-respected marketing scholars in both the commercial and education sectors as we all share the same vision. "Don't do business without e-Marketing," said Prof. Andrew Chan, Professor, Department of Marketing and Director of EMBA Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong echoing Kwan's point of view on the importance of e-Marketing to SMEs. "I am very delighted to see the debut and initiative of having a game-based learning website in Hong Kong. The website provides useful e-Marketing information in a structured way that SMEs can get a glimpse into the essence of e-Marketing to enhance their business exposure and opportunities. With this website, I hope that SMEs could master e-Marketing and put themselves ahead of competition." Professor Chan continued.
"We believe the adoption of e-Marketing among SMEs would help achieve their overall business enhancement in this e-era. Facilitating SMEs to understand e-Marketing, we fully support the adoption of a game based e-learning tool which has been proven an effective education platform in the corporate training environment. We believe SMEs can absorb faster in a fun and relaxed learning platform." said K.T. Yung, General Manager, IT Industry Development of Hong Kong Productivity Council. "We trust that the introduction of this e-Marketing Game Board will help increase the e-Marketing adoption among SMEs which in turn enhance their competitiveness." Mr. Yung continued.
The e-Marketing Game Board consists of two levels. The first level will outline the basic knowledge of e-Marketing, the trend and comparison with the traditional marketing tools while the second level will focus on the practical step to conduct e-mail marketing encompassing the concept of developing a permission e-mail list, designing personalized message through segmentation and targeting and delivering "spam-friendly" emails. "We are glad to start this project and we will continue to enrich our content and enhance our delivery in the game platform with a strong determination to keep SMEs in Hong Kong abreast of the e-Marketing challenges." Mr. Kwan concluded.