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Fax Compliance Manager

Fax transmission is indeed one of the most common and convenient communication channels to capture new market potential given its popularity, low-cost and availability. However, since the full enforcement of the Unsolicited Electronic Messages (UEM) Ordinance on 22 December 2007, marketers have to change their practice of running business promotion programmes via fax.

Then, how should marketers conduct legal and effective fax promotion programmes? As your trusted SME ICT partner, WeB has launched the revolutionary “Fax Compliance Manager” system to help your company overcome regulatory obstacles and conduct proper fax promotion campaigns.

“Fax Compliance Manager” is a one-stop service equipped with the automatically updated OFTA's FAX DNC Register, allowing marketers to manage DNC list, handle unsubscribe requests and verify consumer consent with just a few simple steps.

Key Features:

  • Enter a pre-set prefix to check against OFTA’s Fax DNC Register before initiating a fax call
  • The system automatically cross checks the recipients' fax numbers against OFTA's FAX DNC Register and users' unsubscribe and consent lists in the client account to ensure legal compliance
  • This service provides a web-based interface for users to maintain their unsubscribe and consent lists in their accounts 

Business Benefits:

  • Hassle-free solution for compliance with the UEM Ordinance
  • Simple steps to check against multiple lists (DNC Register, unsubscribe list and consent lists)
  • The Fax DNC Register is updated daily with OFTA through the server
  • Easy integration with ordinary fax machines and fax servers
  • Low upfront investment and maintenance compared to direct subscription to OFTA's FAX DNC Register service